Palimpsests | The Memory of Images 

Guest Curator: Rodrigo Alonso | Collaborator: Claudia Nayar 

Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center UBA



Sensorium Dei, Cecilia Caballero Contemporary Art, Buenos Aires.


Palimpsest Palacio Sarmiento Gallery, Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology. Buenos Aires. Guest curator: Rodrigo Alonso.

Exercises for a noble savage Cecilia Caballero Contemporary Art, 
Buenos Aires.



Chant To Work Buenos Aires Province House of Representatives.



American Landscape Arts Pavilion, Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina, U.C.A.

American Landscape Consulate General of Argentina in New York.



LMYLB Leonel Luna/Leandro Katz Nora Fisch Gallery, Buenos Aires.



Propositions Recoleta Cultural Centre, 8th Hall, Buenos Aires.


Shipwreck (installation); MAT Tigre Art Museum.



Visits MUMA, Ángel María de Rosa Museum, Junín, Buenos Aires Province.



Apocryphal Stories Crítica Daily Newspaper, Festival de la Luz, Buenos Aires. 


Situation Pictures Borges Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires.

Leonel Luna Braga Menéndez Gallery, Buenos Aires.

Genealogies Recoleta Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires.


Utopian Projects Luna/Barreda - Graphis Art Gallery, Buenos Aires.



Visits MAMBA, Buenos Aires Modern Art Musem.



Historical Matters KBK Gallery, Mexico City.



August Guinnard, Three Years Captive Spanish Cultural Centre (ICI), Buenos Aires.



Their Opulence is Our Exclusion Luisa Pedrouzo Gallery, Buenos Aires.



Shipwreck (installation); Casa Rosada Museum, Buenos Aires.



The Reggio Verb (paintings); Julia Lublin Art Gallery, Buenos Aires.



A Network of Holes (paintings); Casa Argentina de Cultura, Mexico City.


Vanguard or Rearguard (paintings); Bangaló, Quito, Ecuador.




Mother Monster - Monster Mass. From 12/12/2023 to 6/01/2024. Curator: Fabro Tranchida. Vitriol, Art in Expansion. Buenos Aires.

Historical Object - 40 years of democracy. Museum of Art and Memory - La Plata, Buenos Aires. Curated by: María Teresa Constantin / Gabriela Vicente Irrazabal. 

Portal de Luz Art Residency. AppART Paris. Guest. From February 2 to 12, 2023. Uruguay.



110th National Salon of Visual Arts. From 7/12/2022 to 26/02/2023. Borges Cultural Center and Kirchner Cultural Center.

Let People Trust. Cecilia Caballero Contemporary Art. December 2022.

The (MAL) Maid. Cárcova Museum. Curators Fer Molina and Len Gallastegui. November 2022

The Last One Turns Off the Light. Cecilia Caballero Contemporary Art. November 2023.

Cooperation. Effort. Future. Dialogues and conjectures around Canto al Trabajo. Curator: Marcelo de la Fuente. Cárcova Museum, UNA. September/November 2023.



Fortabat Foundation Prize. Fortabat Art Collection.

Symbiology - Artistic Practices on a Planet in Emergency. Kirchner Cultural Center. Curatorial team: Valeria González, Mercedes Claus, Florencia Curci, and Pablo Méndez.
National Salon of Visual Arts 2020/21. Kirchner Cultural Center.



Shared secrets 2. An anthology of Argentine Contemporary Art. Works of the Esteban Tedesco Collection. Borges Cultural Center. Curatorship: Virginia Fabri - Eduardo Stupía



The artist's work - art procedures todayEl Obrador Creative Center. Guest Curator
From floor to ceiling Cecilia Caballero Fine Art. 
Curator: Eduardo Stupía
Homage to work The Obrador Centro Creativo, Buenos Aires. 
Curator: Rodrigo Alonso

Shows First Contest of Contemporary Photography in Latin America, Festival N L Photo 2018, Monterrey, Mexico.

Infinite Buenos Aires Jewish Museum.

Photography in Argentina, 1850- 2010: contradictions and continuity PROA Foundation, Buenos Aires.

Itaú BBA Award 2018.

Art Experience Puerto Madero Hilton Hotel, Buenos Aires.
Body, Landscape and Ecology Rector Ricardo Rojas Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires.


Photography in Argentina, 1850- 2010: contradictions and continuity P. Getty Museum, Los Angeles, EEUU.

PARC 17 Henrique Faría Galler, Lima, Perú. 
Klemm Foundation Award 2018.



South Diagonal, Argentine Art Today Tedesco Collection, Borges Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires

America Henrique Faría Gallery, Buenos Aires.

Committing the Body Henrique Faría Gallery, Buenos Aires.

National Bank Visual Arts, Painting and Photography Award.
Body and Desire Art x Art, Alfonso & Luis Castillo Foundation, Buenos Aires.


Murals for Memory SIGEN Multiart Space, AMIA Collection.

In the Landscape MUNTREF 3 de Febrero National University, Buenos Aires.

BA Photo Pollock Art Linkers.

Central Bank VII National Painting Award 2015.

Art x Art Biennale IV Award, Buenos Aires.
UNTITLED Henrique Faría Gallery, Miami, EEUU.



Filiations, Metaeuphoria House of Culture, National Endowment for the Arts, Buenos Aires.



In Between Times Jozami Collection in Lázaro Galdiano Museum, Madrid, Spain.
Between return and departure MACLA La Plata Contemporary Art Museum, La Plata, Buenos Aires.



Lima Photo Ro Art Gallery.


Pantheon of Heroes OSDE Foundation.

Reality and Utopia: 200 Years of Argentine Art San Carlos National Museum, Mexico City.
LMYLB MAT Tigre Art Museum.


Reality and Utopia: 200 Years of Argentine Art Akademie Der Kunste, Berlin, Germany.

All Inclusive Atsa, Quebec-Montreal, Canada.

6 x 6 Nora Fisch Gallery, Buenos Aires.

Silent Fighters Catena Zapata Gallery, Buenos Aires.
Who is Who Recoleta Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires.


Tenth La Habana Biennale, Cuba.

Argentine Artists in La Habana MAT Tigre Art Museum.

Tribute to the Ranquel People Trebejos Hall, San Luis.

The Future Is Not What It Used To Be OSDE Foundation.
Art in Movement, Argentina Today Sao Paulo/Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.


White MAT Tigre Art Museum.

Rosario National Hall.

UADE Award Metropolitan Museum.
Roggio Award Caraffa Museum, Córdoba.


Pampa, City and Suburbia Imago Space, OSDE Foundation.

Urban Impressions Valencia Fine Arts Circle and VVV Gallery in Buenos Aires.

Sudestada VVV Gallery, Buenos Aires.

Selfportraits 5 Contemporary Photography Centre, La Plata, Buenos Aires.

A World of Temptations Castagnino + Macro Museum, Rosario, Santa Fe.

Transatlantic Sevilla Technological University.

Transatlantic in Buenos Aires 713 Gallery, Buenos Aires.

The Mansion in Recoleta Recoleta Cultural Centre.

Art BA 2007 Braga Menéndez Gallery Stand

Buenos Aires Art Argentine Contemporary Art in London, England.
White Borges Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires.


Open House Argentine Embassy, London, England.

Underlying Painting CCEBA, Buenos Aires.

Aesthetic Conscience - Historical Conscience Klemm Foundation.

Kicking the Anthill Vasari Gallery, Buenos Aires.

Memory 76/06: 30 Years after the Military Coup Buenos Aires.

Art BA 2006 713 Gallery Stand.
Klemm Visual Arts Award Klemm Foundation, Buenos Aires.


Paint Without Paint CCEBA, Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires Expo Photo Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires.

Art BA 2005 KBK Gallery Stand

Traps Cronopios Hall, Recoleta Cultural Centre.

Urban Adaptations Recoleta Cultural Centre.
ARCO Contemporary Arts Fair KBK Gallery Stand, Madrid, Spain.


Football at the Palais Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires.

Image and Event Olivera Mansion, Buenos Aires.

National Visual Arts Hall Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires.

Traps Montevideo Subway Hall, Uruguay.
MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art Collection, Rosario, Santa Fe.


Yearning and Devotion, Images from the Present PROA Foundation, Buenos Aires.

Art in Progression San Martín Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires.

National Art Biennale Contemporary Art Museum, Buenos Aires.

Electronic Tres de Febrero University, Buenos Aires Province.

Yearning and Devotion Spanish Park Cultural Centre, Rosario, Santa Fe.
2003 Visual Arts National Hall Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires.


Latest Tendencies Buenos Aires Modern Art Museum.

A Sea of Traps Victoria Ocampo Villa, Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires.
Art BA 2002 Luisa Pedrouzo Gallery stand.


Inaugural Exhibition I Luisa Pedrouzo Gallery, Buenos Aires.

National Bank Award Recoleta Cultural Centre.

City Bank Award National Fine Arts Museum, Buenos Aires.

Chandon Rosario Biennale Álvaro Castagnino Museum, Rosario, Santa Fe.

Rosario National Photography Hall.

Álvaro Castagnino Museum Rosario, Santa Fe.

Nobody Believes Me Olivera Mansion, Buenos Aires.

Palermo Open Studies (UFOS) Buenos Aires City Government.
La Boca Open Studies (Shipwreck) Buenos Aires City Government.


Argentine Photographic Art MAMBA Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art.

MAMBA Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art.



Braque Award (Untitled) Patricios Bank Foundation.


Shipwreck; A, E, I, u, O Recoleta Cultural Centre.

Natalio Artigas Pujol, Itinerary of an Unknown Man, A, E, I, u, O Recoleta Cultural Centre.


III Biennale for Young Art Argentine Rural Society.

Del Borde Patricios Bank Foundation, Buenos Aires.
Luna, Miliyo, Pagés Julia Lublin Art Gallery, Buenos Aires.


VII Inter-American Art Biennale.

National Fine Arts Palace Mexico City.
Primal Matter, 18 Latin American Artists Treasury Palace, Mexico City.


A Museum for Death Qualli Gallery, Televisa Foundation, Mexico.

Contemporary Latinamerican Sculpture and Painting Monterrey Airport, Mexico.
The Sacred in Arts Quilmes Visual Arts Museum, Buenos Aires.



XXII Annual Hall Stock Exchange Foundation, Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires Province.



Propositions 88 Jorge de Gravo Gallery, San José, Costa Rica.