Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1965


In the late 1980s, after studying Fine Arts, he embarked on an exciting three-year journey through Latin America, immersing himself completely in the exploration of various pre-Columbian art archetypes. During this fascinating journey, he worked as a research assistant at the Institute of Aesthetic Research of the Autonomous University of Mexico, fully dedicated to the field of pre-Columbian art.


Upon returning to his country in the mid-1990s, his artistic production focused on the recreation of photographic images using digital treatments. In his creative approach, he employed the resource of quotation as a mechanism to critically analyze history. To do so, he appropriated prominent works by renowned artists from the Rio de la Plata region such as Cándido López, Ernesto de la Cárcova, Eduardo Sívori, Juan Manuel Blanes, and Antonio Berni. With an ironic and reflective approach, he worked to showcase particular events from both past and present history.


Among his subsequent projects, notable ones explored the realm of fiction, giving life to endearing characters like Natalio Artigas Pujol in "Itineraries of an Unknown,"Koczy LLojevo in "Situation Paintings," August Guinard in "Three Years in Captivity," and the reconstruction of "Shipwreck" in the Courtyard of Maneuvers of the Old Customs House of Buenos Aires.


Leonel was also a co-founder of the TRAMA Program, an initiative of cooperation and confrontation between artists in the year 2000. Additionally, he obtained the prestigious Antorchas Fellowship to participate in the Barracas Workshop alongside his teachers Luis Benedit and Pablo Suarez in 1994-1995. He was also selected to join the Kuitka Fellowship at the Proa Foundation in 1994.


Since 1991, he has held numerous solo exhibitions: "Palimpestos - Palimpsests | The Memory of Images" at Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center UBA, "Palimpsesto" at Palacio Sarmiento, Bs. As. (2018-2019), "Exercises for a Noble Savage" at Cecilia Caballero Arte Contemporáneo Bs. As. (2018), "Ode to Work" - Honorable Chamber of Deputies of the Province of Buenos Aires (2017), "American Landscape" - Consulate General of Argentina in New York (2016), "American Landscape" - Pavilion of Arts at the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina (2016), "Shipwreck" - MAT Museum of Tigre Art (2010), "Leonel Luna" - Braga Menéndez Gallery Bs. As. (2010), "Propositions, the state of things in which they are immersed" - Recoleta Cultural Center Bs. As. (2010), "Visits to the Present" - MUMA Junín (2009), "Apocryphal Stories" - Diario Crítica Bs. As. (2008), "Situation Paintings" - Borges Cultural Center Bs. As. (2007), "Genealogies" - Recoleta Cultural Center Bs. As. (2006), "Contemporary Epics" - MAMBA Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires (2004), "Matters of History" - KBK Gallery, DF Mexico (2003), "Their Opulence is Our Exclusion" - Luisa Pedrouzo Gallery Bs. As. (2002), "Three Years in Captivity" - ICI Spanish Cultural Center (2001), "Shipwreck" - Government House Museum of Buenos Aires (1996), "The Reggio Verb" - Julia Lublin Gallery Bs. As. (1994), "Natalio Artigas Pujol, itinerary of an unknown" - Recoleta Cultural Center Bs. As. (1994), "A Network of Holes" - Casa Argentina de la Cultura, Mexico City (1991).


Among his major group exhibitions are: "Historical Object - 40 years of Democracy", Museum of Art and Memory (2023), "Cooperation, Effort, Future, Dialogues, and Speculations around Ode to Work", Cárcova Museum 2022, "Symbiologies, Artistic Practices on an Emergency Planet", CCK 2022, "Fortabat Foundation Award", Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat Collection (2021), "Photography in Argentina, 1850-2010: contradictions and continuity", J.P. Getty Museum, LA (2017) and Proa Foundation (2018), "In the Landscape", MUNTREF (2015), "Murals for Memory", SINGEN (2015), "There is an Image of That Idea", Haroldo Conti Cultural Center (2014), "Reality and Utopia", Akademie der Kunste and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Berlin (2010), "The Future is No Longer What It Used to Be", OSDE Foundation (2009), "Art in Motion" and "Argentina Today", São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2009), "Open House", Argentine Embassy in London (2006), and "The Pantheon of Heroes", OSDE Foundation (2004).

He was selected to be part of the Argentine submission to the Tenth Edition of the Havana Biennial (2009).


He has received the following distinctions: 3rd Prize in the Painting Category of the National Salon (2022), Fortabat Prize Selection (2021), Second Prize from the ArtexArte Foundation (2017), Honorable Mention from the Jury in Photography, Banco Nación Visual Arts Prize (2016), First Prize Homage to the Ranquel People, San Luis (2009), Second Prize Roggio, Emilio Caraffa Museum, Córdoba (2008), Third Prize Rosario National Salon (2001/2008), Leonardo Award in Digital Art, National Museum of Fine Arts (2003), Konex Diploma of Merit in Digital Art (2002), Young Artist of the Year Award, Argentine Association of Critics (2002).

His work is part of the collections of the MAMBA, MEC, Castagnino+MACRO, MUMA, Ñandé Mac, Central Bank of Argentina, Arte x Arte Foundation, and the main private collections in the country and abroad.

He lives, loves and works in Buenos Aires.



Third Prize: Painting category, Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales (2022)
Seleccionado Premio Fundación Fortabat (2021)

Seleccionado Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales (2020/21)

Seleccionado Premio UADE (2021)

Second Prize, Art x Art Foundation (2017).

Honorable Mention of the Jury in Photography, National Bank Visual Arts Award (2016).

First Prize: Tribute to the Ranquel People; San Luis Province (2009).

Invitation to participate in the Tenth Biennale of La Habana, Cuba (2009).

Third Prize: Rosario National Hall (2008).

Second Prize: Roggio Caraffa Museum; Córdoba, Argentina (2008).

First Prize: HP Invent Contest (2005).

Leonardo Prize in digital art; National Fine Arts Museum (2003).

Merit Diploma in digital art; Konex Foundation, Visual arts (2002).

Young Artist of the Year Prize; Art Critics Association of Argentina (2002).

Second Prize; Rosario National Hall (2001).

PROA Foundation Grant, workshop directed by Guillermo Kuitca, La Boca (1994).

Antorchas Foundation Grant, subsidies to creation for the construction of a historical site (2003).

Antorchas Foundation Grant for Sculptures and Objects, directed by Luis Benedit and Pablo Suárez (1994), invited outside of contest.

Special Jury Prize, Painting, Bahía Blanca Stock Exchange Foundation.

Second Mention category object 2003 II Young Art Biennale Palermo Fair Venue 1990/1991.